by Socrates

Is it just me, or does everybody like sex?

Unfortunately for the single guys out there, the biting cold of North East Asian winters can put a damper on how often you can slide your skin up next to a woman. Nobody really wants to go out in the bitter cold to meet people, and you can’t exactly look your best out in public if you’re wearing 3 ski-coats to keep warm.

January doesn’t have to be a write-off, though. A few of my good friends actually take time to work on projects that they have been putting off months earlier. January is a great time to focus on something, since a lot of time will be spent in doors, anyways.

If you want to get laid more this spring, I strongly recommend that you make that goal your winter project. Here’s how:

1. Deepen Your Knowledge of Women, Dating, and Life

One of the best ways to do well with women is to actually learn about them. This seems like a no-brainer, but many guys either don’t care, or are just too lazy to buckle down and study up.

You’re different, though. You took the time to hop on over to our website and read a few of the articles available in the hopes of improving your love life. I salute you. Don’t stop here, though. There’s more to women than has been rattled off here, and magazine format can only really scratch the surface of the knowledge we’ve developed.

A great place to start to build more in depth knowledge is through books, and more targeted products, such as Dan Bloom’s book on dating Korean women, Date Korean Women.

2.Find Out Exactly What’s Wrong With You

Nobody’s perfect, you especially. The sad thing is, while we can hide a lot of our imperfections, girls have a keen awareness of our faults, sometimes even before we do.

Winter is the perfect time of year to sit back, reflect, and put a plan in place to close talkerimprove our least-charming qualities. Do you slouch? Tend to burp without realizing it? Are you a close-talker? Do you spit when you talk? Bad breath? These are all things that you might not notice about yourself that are secretly sabotaging your success with women. Time to man-up.

One simple way of addressing these problems is to craft a survey and send out to your most truthful friends. Make sure to list 5-10 open ended questions regarding yourself, your character, how you look, and those nasty little hidden habits you have. Also, make sure you tell your friends to be completely honest, since it’ll determine major changes you’ll make this year.

3. Up Your Style

Sad but true: many people are shallow, and materialistic. Those are just the facts. In order to catch the biggest fish in your pond, you have to look your best. Time to dump your hoodies.

Even if you’re not big on shallow girls – who is, really? – it’s important too look your best when aiming to bag a broad. Girls are influenced by physical attractiveness, just as men are, but, unlike women, men have a tremendous ability to change how attractive they are by just upgrading their style. Sure, women can do this too – but men climb up the attractiveness scale much faster than women do just by switching their wardrobe up.  Think nobody cares when you wear your blue jogging suit out of the house?

Think again – it’s killing your chances.


4. Set Up Easy Punts

By far the biggest thing you can do to improve your chances is to set up easy punts.

Warren Buffett always talks about his investing method in terms of kicking field-goals from the three yard line, or stepping over 1 foot hurdles. Basically, the easier you make things for yourself the better chance you have of something going down.

1115_livinghomeTo that end, you should really examine where you live. If you’re living with mom and dad, that’s a problem, but if you’re living with them in the stix, then you should be scanning the classifieds for apartment rentals right after reading this article. Nothing will ruin your ability to have sex, date, or get a girlfriend more than living in some undesirable location. On the other hand, changing where you live is probably the easiest way to have better success with women.


5. Define Your Perfect Outcome

Once you have all that in place, you can move on to crystallizing just what it is you want in a woman. While a lot of men want pretty much any decent girl that walks by, girls can sense this, and will ultimately label that guy a loser.

Being choosier about the women in your life will actually increase the number of women you can date. For one, you’ll avoid the loser label more so than if you just settled for anything, and you’ll also be able to develop questions you can use to help screen for the type of girls you want. These questions help show a girl that you’re actually a high value guy, not just some ordinary chump desperate for anything he can get.


January is the perfect time for making big changes and setting up the rest of the year. If you want to improve your odds this year, start working through the list.